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We have produced 2 movies and 2 series

co-produced 1 movie

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Many Projects for 2020


MBM (2016)

A mob boss (James cell) finds out his wife gets killed, seeks revenge but things take a dangerous turn.

Director: Anderson Bondo

Writer: Paul Prince

Stars: Brian SinghEdwine DorivalAdrien Rousseau


Wrong Decisions (2020)

On a regular day at the job, Detective Jonathan Smith goes out of his way to make decisions he never thought he would have to, in his lifetime.

Director: Paul Prince

Writer: Paul Prince

Stars:  Anderson BondoEgor Bosoi, Christina Di Tillo


The Mission

Director: Paul Prince

Creator: Paul Prince


Producers: Anderson Bondo & Paul Prince

Cinematographer: Jester Photon

A Jebomedia series


Associated by Freezing Summer


The Players

Creator: @donbondo &


Written & Directed by: @paulprinc3

Cinematographer & Editor: @jesterphoton

Production Manager: @i_by_d

AD: @maelyhoang

Boom Mic Operator: @elitsh1

Actors: @paulprinc3, @donbondo, @tyriveratavarez, @_evaarosee_, @grish3l, @yaya.niko, @florenceleblondb, @markendydydy, @ceejayo9, @_dizzlehuncho_ , @chapinasqueenxox, @shay.diva, @thegeniusofharvard, @dallaslaclass, @jey_valdo, @cest.francois, @dedebece, @jeannelamothe, @maelyhoang, @lagrimelle_, @monalisa_officiel, @bervyna

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the promise.jpg

Directed By Edwine Dorival

Written by Mackenson Dorival

Produced by Dorival Brothers Ent Associated with Jebomedia Inc.

Starring : Edwine Dorival, Mackenson Dorival Paul Prince and More